Universal system for mounting sun panels on sloping roofs Kripter Universal

This system, known as Kripter StringSetter, is a universal application.

The heliopolar mounting system on the sloping roof is a versatile solution for placing photovoltaic strings on sloping roofs. This is not just a fixture for fixing the modules on the roof, but a system for marking and assembling a whole heliopol, filling inverter shaft. Compatible with any photo modules for 60 and 72 sectors and any roofing.

When designing a heliol with Kripter Universal, it is necessary to decompose all the photo modules included in the string on the rows, which can be decomposed on the slopes of the roof, taking into account its size, configuration and obstacles such as chimneys, mansard windows, etc. Rows can have 1 to 15 photo panels.

Mounting kits are delivered in a reliable package, which already contains all the necessary elements that were pre-assembled for the most simple and quick installation. No need to count on the roof the required number of bolts, screws, profiles, connectors and clips.

Kripter's universal systems have different versions of fasteners for different types of roofing.

Set to the bituminous surface

Set for metal tiles, slate, corrugated board

Set to ceramic tile

Advantages of universal solar stations

  • Possibility of fastening on all types of sloping roofs.
  • Combines the best rational solutions from aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Convenient and reliable installation.
  • Durability and design stability.
  • Increased resistance to negative environmental effects due to anodization coating.

Details Kripter Universal

• Extreme pressure. • Medium press. • Bracket for bituminous tiles. Bracket for metal tiles. • Longitudinal connector. • Mounting profile.

Photos of ready-made objects mounted on systems from Kripter

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