Ballast mounting systems are specially designed for roofing solar panels which need to be placed on a flat roof of a house, a production or a warehouse complex. Systems Cripper - do not damage the waterproofing rug, due to the lack of need for anchoring or depressurizing the roof.

Universal systems for fastening photopanels, allow mounting of solar panels on roofs of buildings or other structures that have sloping roofs, or the roof at an angle. Kripter Universal - A set of designs that directly package allows you to mold and mount your own solar station.

Ground solar stations are built on free areas of land, concrete, crushed stone or sand. When it is impossible to mount the station on the roof of the building or there is no reliable foundation. Kripter Grounder - Deliver ready-made kits that are tailored individually to the customer.

Facade solar stations - as a solution, it only gets its heyday. Very convenient way to mount sunshine, where it is possible to fasten photo panels to brick, concrete and other roofs, at an angle or in parallel.

Special, water protection systems are able to remove rain precipitation, so it is advisable to make a canopy, under which you can place a car or arrange a warehouse.

Solar battery systems

The process of designing solar power plants is the most responsible part of the project, which takes into account many factors: location of the site, availability of engineering networks on the site, transmission capacity of the electricity network, possible shading.

Ukrainian manufacturer Kripter manufactures high-quality solar panel mounting systems. We have a wide range of design engineering solutions, allowing you to implement projects of any complexity.
Асортимент продукції має декілька варіантів під Ваш вибір, так можна замовити аналогічні за направленням сонячні системи у двох виконаннях, сталеві – зі сталі покриті цинковим покриттям методом Сендзиміру, та каркаси для сончних станцій із анодованого алюмінію.