Universal mounting - Gallery

Universal mountings from Cripper, can be placed on any roof that has an existing angle of inclination. Houses, canopies, technical areas, etc.

Ballast systems - Gallery

Ballast systems are positioned on flat roofs without anchoring and attaching to the surface, so that the roof surface is not damaged.

Terrestrial solar station - Gallery

Ground stations from Kripter, positioned as independent station for the solar station, can be placed on ballast concrete blocks, on the foundation, or with screw piles, which are securely tightened to the ground, crushed stone and sand.

Facade systems - Gallery

Facade sunshine from Kripter, allows you to use the sunny wall of a house or a fence, protecting from heating and using an efficient way to use free space in your area.

Non-flow systems - Gallery

Non-leaking solar stations from Kripter, we create a new standard for using sunshades. Perfectly matched with an electric car 🙂