About company

  • Phone: +38 (067) 211 70 70
  • E-mail: info@kripter.com.ua
  • Address: Ukraine, Vyshneve, st. Vyacheslav Chornovil 1A

Company Kripter is a Ukrainian manufacturer of modern fastening systems for photovoltaics. Values that have been incorporated into our fasteners - quality, ease and ease of installation
durability of operation and responsibility before the customer.
KRIPTER TM fasteners are your long-term investment in the confidence and reliable attachment of your solar station.

Our products may only be purchased through our official partners and distributors.

Our goal is to make mounting systems that would allow you to quickly and easily get comfortable without worrying about quality and durability. < br>
Our Vision - small details that are the foundation of great things. Our fasteners are the base of your solar stations, we are aware of what they are supposed to be.

Team - We work in a team of professionals and value our employees.

Qualification - We do our own, and we go to training for assembly organizations, because the ability to assemble the design requires full awareness of the work. After all, in order to extend the life of the systems, it is necessary to thoroughly understand what the created element is, what purpose it performs in the frame and why the engineers have created such a solution. Proper installation = durability of the design.